Copy of About Us


It is now almost 10 years that I am living between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Canada. In the DRC, I am in the cities such as Kinshasa, Bukavu and Lubumbashi as well as in the country such as: Sala Mabila, Namoya, Kasongo, Kwango, Kisantu, Boko, Kimbinda Nseki, etc.


I know the reality of family life in our home country, the DRC. Please, let us help our families in the DRC and bring them a smile!

Our Garage, basements, rooms are full with clothes, shoes that we can not wear any more here, but still in great shape, kids are grown up You have, fridge, stove, furniture, household equipment, TVs, back bags, sport shoes, heavy machinery, cars, you want to send a package, bed sheets, construction materials, dry food, any other freight or full container.

Great! we, CANADA CONGO TRANSIT INC. are here to help to ship your packages or freight per sea container to DRC, especially Kinshasa, Bukavu and Lubumbashi! We can collect them and ship them in a container per sea to your families in the DRC. CANADA CONGO TRANSIT INC. does all the export paper work and the custom clearance in the DRC and your families can come and collect the parcel in Kinshasa, Bukavu or Lubumbashi. You will be very surprised what you can not use here can bring a smile over there!

CANADA CONGO TRANSIT INC is here to listen and bring solutions to your concerns and inquiries for shipping packages to DRC.


  1. We have a selection of corrugated card boxes, bags, travel luggage sizes that you can choose from as packaging of items that you are shipping to the DRC. You select the card box size or bags; you would want to use as packaging.
  2. You send me theses packaging selections per phone, email or WhatsApp message
  3. Upon reception of your selection, a draft order will be created and send to your email for confirmation and payment.
  4. You choose your method of payment: Bank Transfer, Money Order, Western Union/MoneyGram, PayPal or Credit/Debit Card through the website
  5. Once the payment is through, you must write on the box or bags: your name + address + phone number, the inventory of the boxes, and the information of the receiver (+name + city + phone#). And you send us per email the same information as written on the boxes. Then, we come to your house to pick up the packages.
  6. Upon arrival of the parcels in the DRC, we will inform you so that you can also inform the family member in the DRC for collection of the package at our warehouse.

 Here is our pricing for parcel shipment to Kinshasa

  Catégorie de colis Tarif d'envoi à partir de Mississauga/ $ CAN
1 Carton (Home Depot),  (56x56x55cm)   100
2 Valise (56x45x30cm)   100
3 Valise (63x36x21cm)   80
4 "Sac blanc", bande verte  de kinshasa (~50x25x114cm)   150
5 "Sac de sport noir de Toronto" (~80x50x40cm)   180
6 Carton (67x55x55cm)   200
7 Carton (70x62x62cm)   250
8 "Baril bleu" en plastique avec couvercle (200 litres)   200
9 Matelas king/Queen, (193cm × 203x14cm)   100
10 Matelas simple (96.5 x 189 x14cm)   80
11 1m3, (100x100x100cm)   850

For items not listed, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.


The mission of Canada Congo Transit Inc: serve Congolese of Oversea and bring a smile to our family members in DRC

we care about your parcels!